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The app & CLI tool to load test your API endpoints.

Find concurrency & performance issues early and ship with more confidence. Clobbr is a developer tool that makes testing your API endpoints a breeze.

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One-time payment to own the app on Mac or Windows. No subscriptions. No account needed.

Powerful, yet simple and delightful user interface.

Make requests to multiple endpoints with ease, set up request timeouts, headers, payload and much more. Regardless if you are testing a REST, GraphQL or cloud function Clobbr has got you covered!

Screenshot of Clobbr making requests to multiple endpoints, with examples of GET, POST, PUT and GraphQL

Explore result history and understand your API endpoints.

Delve into key stats such as standard deviation, percentiles and more. Understand how key statistics evolve over time and explore historical response timings using charts and tabular data.

Screenshot of Clobbr exploring result history and understanding your api endpoints

Configure requests with a few clicks.

Easily configure verb (GET, PUT, POST etc.), set number of iterations, toggle between sequential and parallel requests or set request timeouts without any effort.

Screenshot of Clobbr configuring requests, iterations, parallel, sequential and timeouts

Send data with a request.

Set payload data in the advanced built-in JSON editor to include in your request. Autocomplete, validation and syntax highlighting - all at your fingertips.

Screenshot of Clobbr sending data with a request

Set headers with ease.

Configure headers for each request using plain text or use scripts for dynamic headers, such as authorization tokens.

Screenshot of Clobbr setting headers using plain text or scripts

Share results with the press of a button.

Share results with your team to highlight potential issues. No data is stored on a server and sensitive info is stripped (optioanlly).

Screenshot of Clobbr sharing results with the press of a button

Take control of the UI.

Toggle between light or dark modes, customise app behaviour with advanced settings and clear historical data at any point in app settings.

Screenshot of Clobbr in light mode.

All data stored locally. Your privacy comes first.

None of the request or result data is stored on a server.
No account needed.
No data is shared with third parties.

Screenshot of Clobbr allowing to delete data

And tons more powerful features.

Get to know your APIs better with Clobbr.
With a simple test, understand if you have bottlenecks and decide if certain endpoints should be split it up or cached.


Easily toggle chart trendlines on and off in application settings. Trendlines will be visisble across all charts.

Automatic GraphQL detection

When using GraphQL, the application will automatically detect it based on payload data and will split the results in the UI accordingly.

Open Source

Most of Clobbr is open source and you can contribute to it on GitHub. Thanks for your support <3!

CLI counterpart

Clobbr can also be used as a CLI tool. As with the app, the CLI tool has a beautiful UI and is easy to use - and supports the same config as well as export to csv, json or yaml!

CI/CD Integration

Clobbr can be used in CI pipelines to automatically test endpoints based on your criteria (% of successful requests, response time, etc.).

Advanced debugging

When requests fail you can copy the request payload and response by browsing historical data (table view). This makes it easy to debug your API.

Alternative Charts

Switch between bar charts and line charts in application settings. For larger datasets, bar charts can help you visualize the data more clearly.

Optimized large screen mode

When using a larger screen or full screen, the application will automatically switch to a more optimized view. This makes it easier to read the data.

Script, Text & Data Autocomplete

Manually writing and scripting API headers as well as payload data supports autocomplete and linting - just like your favorite IDE or text editor!

Script testing

When writing scripts, you can test them by clicking the 'Test' button. This will run the script and show the result beneath so you can iterate quickly and painlessly.

Delete single runs

Outdated runs? No problem! You can delete single runs by pressing edit and not loose result data of any other runs.

...and tons more!

Clobbr has been built with care and attention and will frequently give you hints, warnings and helpful tips to save your precious time. Download it free now and see for yourself!

This tool is part of the Apihustle suite - a collection of tools to test, improve and get to know your API inside and out.

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